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The Westerly faculty and staff are commited to their students and ensuring that they receive an engaging and meaninful education. They know eacg child academically, as well as personally and are able to differentiate for each child. On average, Westerly maintains a 10:1 student teacher ratio in the lower school. The ratio varies in the middle school and is slightly higher than the lower school. The faculty and administration have an open line of communication and keep the parents informed about classroom activities.

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Administration Team

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Chris Rodenhizer
Head of School
Patrick Brown
Head of School
Ana Jimenez
Director of Finance
Crystal Angulo
Director of Advancement
David Perram
Director of Student Affairs
Miranda Gumbs
Wildcat Supervisor
Elizabeth Proven
Administrative Assistant




Faculty and Staff

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Lorelei Estrada
Kindergarten Teacher
Ashley Beverley
Teaching Associate-K
Nancy Cherin
1st Grade Teacher
Daniela Bird
Teaching Associate-1st
Pedro Jimenez
2nd Grade Teacher
Marissa Soriano
Teaching Associate-2n
Irma Hamayan
3rd Grade Teacher
Lauren Magdaleno
3rd Grade Teaching Associate/Wildcat Staff
Lauren Takii
4th Grade Teacher
Jawaan Delaney
Teaching Associate-4t
Gina Ashworth
5th grade teacher
Allyson McCloud
MS Math Teacher
Tyler Marmion
Interim Phys Ed. Teacher
Kristen Warnick
MS Science Teacher
Ke'Yuanda Robertson
MS Humanities Teacher
Joshua Melendez
Spanish Teacher (K-8)
Tom Mitter
Music Teacher (K-8)
Gregory Navarro Pickens
Art Teacher (K-8)

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