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Westerly Value Statements

Westerly School was founded upon the belief that every family in our community should have the option of an independent school education for their children.

As an independent school, Westerly is free to establish its own mission and vision, its own curriculum, its own faculty, and its own community of families focused on a unique educational experience.

Westerly School maintains these core values:

  • We believe in nurturing the whole child through a complete education, developing each individual’s intellectual, artistic, socio-emotional, and physical talents.
  • We believe in illuminating the joys of learning through a balance of project-based instruction that focuses on hands-on experiences and real world connections.
  • We believe in igniting a lifelong love of learning through a foundation in arts education and creative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • We believe in celebrating the differences in viewpoint, culture, and capabilities of each individual child.
  • We believe in engaging students through meaningful service opportunities to illustrate the value of giving back to the community.
  • We believe in cultivating a strong sense of self and confidence in each student supported by an environment where it is safe to take academic and emotional risks.

2950 East 29th Street Long Beach, CA 90806
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