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Technology has become an intrinsic part of our children’s everyday lives. As such, technology integration is a top priority for our Westerly faculty as they continually seek to incorporate technology into our classroom activities in safe, meaningful and inspirational ways.

First and foremost, our priority is to help students build the skills and knowledge they need to participate fully in an increasingly global and digital world. Therefore, rather than seeing technology as a separate entity, we see it as an important part of the overall curriculum and incorporate it as freely as possible in new and relevant ways. Faculty regularly participate in professional development opportunities related to robotics, programming, software and interactive whiteboard usage to ensure that we’re giving each child the richest possible technology experience. We also invest regularly in new technology upgrades to ensure that students are adept at working within the latest programs.

Technology @Westerly (Apple Platform)
  • Each middle schooler is issued a MacBook Pro laptop for home and school use

  • Apple MacBook laptop carts are shared amongst students K-5

  • iMac desktops are installed inside learning studios and study rooms

  • All learning studios are equipped with “smart” projectors that allow for interactive whiteboard lessons, the projection of videos or online content, and student sharing and presentation

  • Digital cameras and camcorders, green screen and movie-making software

  • Structured iPad use extends learning with math and language arts apps, research skills practice, and coding/computer programming. Popular apps include Tickle, Blockly, Scratch and more. Students also use iPads for video recording and photography

  • Introduction to computer programming and use of robotics, mini drone and other devices further allow for real world application

  • In some cases, online learning and distance learning approaches are also available to meet the needs of students exceeding in certain areas of the Westerly curriculum

1:1 Laptop Program

As noted above, all Middle School students receive a MacBook Pro (covered in part through their technology fee) that challenges students to expand on technology skills learned in the lower grades and take ownership of the creative use of technology in class projects. This includes slideshows/presentations, podcasts, digital story-telling projects, and more. Building digital and media literacy, they become creators and critics of media, rather than mere consumers of it.