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The Founding Vision Stays Strong

Westerly School celebrates its 20th year of innovative learning in Long Beach. Founded in 1993 by a dedicated and ambitious collection of families, Westerly has grown into a school community that remains a vital asset to Long Beach and the surrounding neighborhoods.  The school is committed to igniting a lifelong love of learning through project-based education, "real-world" application of concepts and ideas, service learning and a seamless integration of academics, art, music, foreign language and physical education.

A Foundation of Academic Excellence

Westerly School is built on a foundation of academic excellence and of meeting the needs of the “whole child.” The Westerly program is carefully designed to develop each student’s full potential in an environment where cooperation, hard work and respect for individual differences are valued.

Students thrive in small classes taught by an experienced, passionate and caring faculty. The academic program integrates a deep, sequential course of study in math, language arts, history and science with expert instruction in art, vocal and instrumental music, Spanish, and physical education. State of the art technology supports the academic program at every grade level.  The result is a coherent school experience that advances the school’s mission “to develop each child's intellectual, emotional, and physical potential.”

Westerly teaches to a diversity of interests and learning styles and encourages the development of study and planning skills along with mastery of content.  The curriculum is rigorous, however, small class size allows faculty to know students very well. Additionally, the teaching of values, conflict resolution, and other proactive behavioral management skills help to create a safe learning community where students feel free to take risks, both emotionally and academically.

Assessment is important at Westerly and performed in a variety of ways.  Formative or authentic assessments, such as oral and written responses, individual and group projects, skits, or anecdotal observations all inform teachers as to how students process information. Summative assessments, such as end of chapter tests and exams are also utilized. Teachers award grades three times per year with expansive narrative comments. Twice-yearly parent conferences supplement frequent incidental contact between school and home.

The school also administers the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) testing series beginning in second grade. These tests resemble and serve as practice for the SAT and ACT tests that graduates will encounter in secondary school. A typical strong performance on these tests qualifies many students for the various high performing private and public schools to which our students matriculate.

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