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Lower School

The curriculum in the Lower School is designed to both challenge and engage students in the learning process.  The enrichment of the curriculum through the integration of visual arts and music further creates high interest, relevancy, and enjoyment for students.  Ultimately, Westerly students are guided to think independently and creatively, which leads them to transition smoothly to the middle school program and beyond.

Students work through the curriculum through a variety of approaches facilitated by the classroom teachers.  Whether through projects, reports, written and oral responses, or textbook study, the variety is designed to appeal to a wide range of learners and ignite a passion for learning.

In addition to a strong and engaging curriculum, and in line with the School’s mission, the faculty integrates into daily routines discussions on character development.  A set of shared values are taught in every classroom and allow students to compare and reflect on their behavior against those values.  Students also learn how to peacefully solve disputes with one another by engaging in a conflict resolution process, also shared school wide.

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