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Middle School

The middle school program is designed to advance the foundation provided in the Lower School and to guide students to think about themselves and their learning in a world beyond Westerly.  Core classes in the humanities, science, and math focus on critical and analytical thinking of concepts and in connecting in class learning to the real-world.  At Westerly we believe this approach also lays the groundwork to enable students to be successful in the rigorous high school programs to which our students matriculate.

The sense of community that exists in the Lower School extends into the Middle School as well. Homeroom offers "family meeting" opportunities by grade level, where faculty check in with students on pertinent issues and to clarify assignments.  A weekly advisory period provides students the opportunity to meet in small groups with a faculty advisor to engage in team building and discuss issues of concern and of interest to adolescence.  Grade-level field studies provide opportunities for team building, interpersonal communication, and a class connection. Elective courses further provide arenas for exploring social, emotional issues, such as in Introduction to Debate or Women's/Men's Health.

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