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Westerly Stories


Election Day

November 07, 2018
By Dr. Plant

As we are recovering still from our Halloween festivities and Parent-Teacher Conferences, and looking towards our Veterans Day morning assembly on Friday, I am struck by the potency of our communal gatherings. It is rare to find a group of educators and parents who are so committed to supporting children and partnering to grow our school.

And so, in this spirit of partnership, and as I'm recovering from binge-watching election results, I want to reach out to ask you to take a few moments around the dinner table to talk with your child(ren) about their perceptions of the world in which they are living. I recently had a discussion with our illustrious Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Estrada, who was relaying some of the questions about politics and culture that our youngest students are posing--and we realized that all our kiddos on this campus may be curious about this often confusing cultural and political climate in which we find ourselves today. I urge you to talk with your kids, ask them about the news they overhear, their sense of the world around them, and if they have questions you may be able to address with them as only a parent can...

It's never too early to ask our children where they are in the matter of their community and lives.

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