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Faculty & Staff

Westerly School will continue to recruit, support,

and retain a highly qualified,

dedicated and diverse faculty and staff.


  • To ensure continuity of teaching practices across grade-level and curriculum 
  • To empower faculty/staff to advance their knowledge and practices 
  • To attract and retain highly qualified educators who represent diverse backgrounds, experiences, identities, and perspectives 
  • To build trust in our professional learning community 
  • To prioritize faculty/staff morale and commitment to Westerly School

Action Steps: 

  • Formalize a clear and consistent hiring process 
  • Assess faculty/staff compensation packages to ensure equity within Westerly’s employee base 
  • Formalize a clear and reflective faculty and staff evaluation process 
  • Provide ongoing and consistent professional development that focuses on Westerly’s initiatives and programs 
  • Engage faculty in the life of the school beyond the classroom 
  • Implement a faculty mentorship program