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Grade 1 Physical Education

Kindergarten and Grades 1-2 students are introduced to basic locomotor and nonā€locomotor skills and concepts, as well as spatial awareness and fundamental movement patterns for sports. Students will participate in a wide variety of activities that involve locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills, fitness concepts and fitness development exercises. Students engage in a variety of movement activities leading to personal feelings of success. In addition, students learn to follow directions and to interact positively with classmates.
Students in Grade 1 will:
  • Demonstrate and explain all six locomotor skills: skip, gallop, jump, hop, leap, side slide
  • Demonstrate and explain how to move at various tempos, directions, and pathways
  • Identify personal space, general space, and boundaries
  • Demonstrate basic movement patterns for underhand throw, overhand throwing, catching, kicking a stationary ball, kicking a slow rolling ball, dribbling with the feet, dribbling with one hand, and jumping a partner turned rope
  • Practice stretching
  • Engage in cardiovascular exercises
  • Participate in cooperative activities, and practice beginning teamwork skills
  • Participate in physical activities that are enjoyable and challenging