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Spanish in 1st Grade

In First Grade students continue to explore the language via exposure to Spanish-speaking cultures, familiar topics, people and places. First graders practice writing key words and short phrases, as well as continuing to engage in the language with dramatic play, singing, art, and oral presentations. Kinesthetic learning supports most dialogue exchanges and exposure to new vocabulary. Topics in first grade include body, zoo animals, parts of a house and seasons.
Continuing to follow the ACTFL standards, by the end of First Grade Spanish, students will:
  • Answer familiar questions
  • List key actions from developmentally appropriate narratives such as personal anecdotes, familiar fairy tales, and narratives based on familiar themes
  • Use a variety of words to name familiar people, places, and things
  • Introduce themselves and provide some basic biographical information
  • Comprehend highly practiced and basic messages supported by visual or contextual clues
  • Understand and produce some high frequency words
  • Sing and interpret songs in Spanish with movement
  • Understand and present characteristics of various Spanish-speaking cultures
  • Repeat words and expressions to maintain communication
  • Comprehend a limited number of highly predicted vocabulary and commonly used expressions
  • Learn and perform Spanish traditional songs