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Grade 1 Visual Arts

Grade 1 students will learn to identify images and symbols in art, nature, and the environment. They also develop increasingly sophisticated observational skills that allow them to express ideas, feelings, and values in colors, form, and spatial relationships. Students begin to work with creative thinking, depth in two-dimensional work, and life drawing. Students learn to analyze and compare artworks of others as well as their own. They gain an appreciation of their own aesthetic values as well as those of people in different cultures.  Students are also introduced to famous artists, art movements, and art history.
In Grade 1 Art, we:
  • Introduce skills necessary for cutting, gluing, folding 
  • Reinforce placement of objects 
  • Learn about perspective through overlapping in a composition to show space
  • Encourage imaginative use of color in an expressionistic composition advances knowledge of color. 
  • Add to painting skills by reinforcing blending colors in paint to create secondary colors 
  • Introduce the concept of foreground, middle ground, and background 
  • Introduce printing skills through a mixed media project
  • Continue working in three-dimensions in various media, including clay and paper, as well as glass
  • Advance their understanding of the concept of symmetry in a composition.
  • Explore and learn about various artists in connection with projects.