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Visual Arts in 2nd Grade

Students begin to refine and manage rudimentary art vocabulary with increasingly more advanced art concepts.  They begin to manipulate and build with a variety of media as well as improve eye/hand coordination with pencil, brush, scissors, and various art tools. Students are also introduced to famous artists, art movements, and art history.
Throughout 2nd Grade, students will:
  • Reinforce cutting, gluing, folding and placement of objects skills 
  • Learn about and utilize positive and negative space in drawing
  • Build upon fine drawing skills and attention to detail
  • Explore more complex perspective in landscape utilizing foreground, middle ground and background areas.
  • Encourage imaginative use of color in an expressionistic composition advances knowledge of color. 
  • Blend colors in paint to create secondary and tertiary colors. 
  • Learn about printing through a mixed media project
  • Continue working in three-dimensions in various media, including clay and glass.
  • Learn about and explore concepts of transparency, translucency and opacity 
  • Advance their understanding of the concept of balance in a composition with 2D and 3D
  • Study various artists continue in connection with projects