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Physical Education in 4th Grade


Students will learn to develop patterns and combinations of movements using locomotor and non-locomotor skills, as well as manipulate objects in and through space, with both speed and accuracy. Students also demonstrate the correct techniques for using manipulatives including throwing, catching, striking, kicking, trapping, and dribbling.  Third through Fifth grade students continue to learn fitness concepts, and participate in a variety of fitness development exercises. Working together as part of a group, students will learn to appreciate personal differences and value the rights of others.

Students in 4th Grade will:

  • Demonstrate and explain how to maintain or increase the distance between two players
  • Explain the difference between offense and defense
  • Describe how to increase spacing between offense and defense
  • Throw, catch and kick objects while both partners are moving
  • Demonstrate and describe the differences between kicking and punting
  • Dribble a ball with hands and feet against defense
  • Compare and contrast  dribbling a ball without defense and with defense
  • Demonstrate and identify key body positions for volleying a ball using forearm pass
  • Serve a ball, to a partner, using underhand movement pattern
  • Explain the similar movement elements of underhand throw and underhand serve 
  • Identify stretches for each of the large muscle groups.
  • Describe warm-up and cool down exercises
  • Sustain continuous movement for increasing periods of time 
  • Accept responsibility for one’s own performance without blaming others.
  • Include others in physical activities and respect individual differences in skill and motivation