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Grade 4 Spanish


The Spanish curriculum follows the national standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). ACTFL standards are based on the Five Cs of language learning, Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. In Fourth Grade, students use primary sources to expand their learning of Spanish-speaking countries and cultures. Students focus on reading in Spanish and using everyday phrases to communicate in the classroom. Students learn study skills and practice writing notes. Through games, singing and dancing students learn new songs and vocabulary to expand their vocabulary. Topics include telling time, parts of a house, professions, geography, feeling sick and clothing.

By the end of Grade 4 Spanish, students will:
  • Communicate information on very familiar topics using a variety of words, phrases, and sentences that have been practiced and memorized
  • Ask and answer familiar questions and respond to those questions with a variety of words and phrases
  • Comprehend and speak using familiar words and phrases
  • Comprehend and speak using familiar expressions
  • Ask for repetition and/or indicate lack of understanding in Spanish
  • Read and comprehend familiar words and phrases
  • Write familiar words and phrases
  • Begin writing sentences to express their ideas
  • Communicate information on familiar topics using some words and phrases that have been memorized
  • Sing/recite cultural songs and poems
  • Express themselves in conversations on very familiar topics using a variety of words and phrases
  • Identify some flags and characteristics of Spanish-speaking countries and cultures
  • Identify cultural traditions and celebrations from Spanish-speaking cultures