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Visual Arts in 4th Grade

Students will continue to learn expanding art concepts and vocabulary, while using a broad range of both 2D and 3D art materials and techniques. Students are beginning to develop real skills in handling materials and applying developed ideas to their work, and they will be expected to build on these abilities. Some students are also beginning to ‘fear failure’ and may shy away from art. Therefore, lessons will be diverse, encouragement will be broad, and flexibility will be expected in every lesson so that students are strengthened as artists. Verbal fluency will be encouraged when discussing or writing about art.

Student practices:

  • Apply imagination and creativity to their art
  • Learn to find relationships between art and the world beyond the classroom
  • Seek solutions to art problems and questions
  • Exhibit self-discipline when working as an artist
  • Learn to respect the working and thinking space of others
  • Work individually and collaboratively
  • Learn to care for tools and materials, safely
  • Enjoy the process while learning how to use materials and tools with own ideas
  • Finish work and share with others developing pride as “an artist”