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Language Arts in 5th Grade


Throughout the course of the school year in 5th grade, students are exposed to a range of literature and genres that students read, annotate, and discuss as a class. While still learning through the Reader’s Workshop model, in which the students choose their own texts to reinforce skill development, students also study Tuck Everlasting, Pay It Forward, The Westing Game, and Johnny Tremain,  the students’ book club books, and various non-fiction texts together in groups and as a class. Assessments are dynamic and feature Reader's Response Journals, Reading Conferences, Book Club meetings, and multiple projects, presentations and written work.

Skills students build in 5th Grade include:
  • Research
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • Writing 
  • Phonics & Grammar
  • Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
  • Listening and Speaking