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Grade 5 Physical Education

Students will learn to develop patterns and combinations of movements using locomotor and non-locomotor skills, as well as manipulate objects in and through space, with both speed and accuracy. Students also demonstrate the correct techniques for using manipulatives including throwing, catching, striking, kicking, trapping, and dribbling.  Third through Fifth grade students continue to learn fitness concepts, and participate in a variety of fitness development exercises. Working together as part of a group, students will learn to appreciate personal differences and value the rights of others.

Students in Grade 5 will:
  • Jump for height and distance with proper form taking off and landing
  • Explain the differences in applying and receiving force when jumping for height and distance
  • Enter, jump, and leave, a long rope turned by others
  • Throw and catch objects using both overhand and underhand movement patterns while avoiding opponents
  • Kick and punt a ball accurately at targets
  • Dribble and ball with hands and feet while preventing defense from stealing the ball
  • Pass a ball back and forth using chest and bounce pass
  • Serve a ball over a low net using underhand movement 
  • Volley a ball toward an intended location using the forearm pass
  • Identify the following phases for striking a ball: preparation, application of force, follow-through, and recovery
  • Explain the importance of open space in playing sport-related games
  • Sustain continuous movement for an increasing period of time while participating in moderate to vigorous physical activities
  • Contribute ideas and listen to the ideas of others in cooperative problem-solving activities.
  • Acknowledge the contributions and strengths of others
  • Accept individual differences in others’ physical abilities in small-group activities