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Grade 5 Visual Arts


Our Grade 5 visual arts curriculum engages students in aesthetics, critical, and reflective thinking about art, their learning of art, and art history. There are a variety of assessment strategies used and implemented for students’ individual needs. Students are introduced to famous artists, art movements, and art history throughout the year.  More in-depth use of materials, techniques and building skills in 2D and 3D art are reinforced.

  • Build understanding of geometric shapes and color to produce a glazed three-dimensional ceramic project.
  • Learn about Demuth as an artist who combined numbers and shapes to convey a message. Students advance their painting techniques and create a painting based on their study of Demuth.
  • Engage in a Georgia O’Keeffe comparison to Demuth; charcoal is introduced as a medium.
  • Learn about the Harlem Renaissance with historical reference to Cubism 
  • Create an image using a variety of self-chosen materials such as rice paper, watercolors, printed images from the internet, both oil and chalk pastels, and more
  • Expand knowledge of art in history by studying a variety of Western and Nonwestern cultures, such as Persian miniatures, abstract Cubist paintings, three-dimensional African masks, and Islamic geometric designs.
  • Learn about various Scientific methodologies 
  • Learn about composition through five different compositions.  Students must pick a composition for each piece they work on through-out the year.
  • Practice critiques to reinforce aesthetic understanding 
  • Study various artists in connection with projects