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Grade 6 - Physical Education

Physical Education in 6th Grade


Students will continue to develop movement skill combinations and movement skill knowledge, and apply it to individual and team activities.  Middle School students are introduced to advanced sports concepts such as rules, positions, and strategies for various sports and physical activities. Additionally, Westerly Middle Schoolers will also learn the application of psychological and sociological concepts, including self-responsibility, positive social interaction, and group dynamics, in the learning and performance of physical activity. 

Students in 6th Grade will:
  • Combine relationships, levels, speeds, directions, and pathways in complex individual and group physical activities
  • Combine motor skills to play lead-up and modified games
  • Volley an object repeatedly with a partner, using the forearm pass
  • Explain the role of the legs, shoulders, and forearm in the forearm pass
  • Strike an object consistently, using a body part, so that the object travels in the intended direction at the desired height
  • Dribble and pass a ball to a partner while being guarded using hands and feet
  • Identify opportunities to pass or dribble while being guarded
  • Throw an object accurately and with applied force, using the underhand, overhand, and sidearm movement patterns.
  • Analyze and correct errors in movement patterns
  • Provide feedback to a partner to assist in developing and improving movement skills
  • Identify practices and procedures necessary for safe participation in physical activities. 
  • Identify and define the role of each participant in a cooperative physical activity
  • Identify and agree on a common goal when participating in a cooperative physical activity.
  • Evaluate individual responsibility in group efforts
  • Sustain continuous movement while participating in moderate to vigorous physical activities