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Grade 8 Performing Arts


The Middle School Music curriculum is primarily instrumental, students choose between band and strings and are split into ensembles accordingly. The goal of our instruction is to foster a deep respect of, and love for music in its many forms as well as foster student creative expression. Literacy is a large component of the program; we want our students to leave Westerly feeling prepared for rigorous high school musical programs. Our ensembles perform in the Winter Concert and the Spring Arts Festival, and have opportunities to participate in local music festivals in the spring. 

Middle schoolers additionally have the option of auditioning for the Middle School musical theater production during the second trimester. If interested, students are cast in the show and use music class time to rehearse and prepare their fully-staged performance. The goal of the theater program is to instill self-confidence, support ensemble-building and collaboration among the student community, and reinforce the importance of taking risks in a safe and inclusive environment.

Students in Grades 6-8 will:
  • Play a string or band instrument of their choosing
  • Decode complex rhythmic patterns
  • Read notes and melodies off the treble and bass staves 
  • Incorporate more advanced articulations and dynamics
  • Improvise rhythmic lines
  • Improvise melodic lines
  • Play two and three part harmonies
  • Compose their own short pieces using Garageband and other music software applications
  • Produce performances of selected songs for the Spring Arts Festival
  • Act in, or play an active role in, the Musical Theater production