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Grade 8 Physical Education


Students will continue to develop movement skill combinations and movement skill knowledge, and apply it to individual and team activities. Middle School students are introduced to advanced sports concepts such as rules, positions, and strategies for various sports and physical activities. Additionally, Westerly Middle Schoolers will also learn the application of psychological and sociological concepts, including self-responsibility, positive social interaction, and group dynamics, in the learning and performance of physical activity. 

Students in Grade 8 will:
  • Demonstrate basic offensive and defensive skills and strategies in team physical activities.
  • Diagram, explain, and justify offensive and defensive strategies in modified and team sports, games, and activities.
  • Develop and teach a team game that uses elements of spin or rebound, designated offensive and defensive space, a penalty system, and a scoring system
  • Apply locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills to team physical activities
  • Describe and demonstrate how movement skills learned in one physical activity can be transferred and used to help learn another physical activity
  • Identify ways of increasing physical activity in routine daily activities
  • Explain the different types of conditioning for different physical activities
  • Abide by the decisions of the officials, accept the outcome of the game, and show appreciation toward participants
  • Organize and work cooperatively with a group to achieve the goals of the group
  • Describe leadership roles and responsibilities in the context of team games and activities 
  • Demonstrate support toward individuals of all ability levels and encourage others to be supportive and inclusive of all individuals
  • Sustain continuous movement while participating in moderate to vigorous physical activities