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Grades 6 - 8

9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

During Westerly's academic year, we've identified areas of interest of the middle school students and aim to deliver a curriculum around those interests while encompassing core academic themes within the context.

Middle School students entering grades 6th-8th will be in one cohort exploring topics in STEM, Photography, Arts & Math and more. Our teachers and staff will also provide creative outdoor time and safe-distanced, social interaction games. 

Sample Schedule:

9:15 Arrival, Screening, Hand washing
9:40 Classes/Cohorts Start
10:40 Hand washing
10:45 Break, outdoor time, snack
11:05 Hand Washing
11:15  Classes/Cohorts Resume
12:15 Hand Washing/Clean up
12:30 Camper Dismissal