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As we moved from a pandemic to endemic, please note the updated Westerly Health & Safety Protocols that are meant to protect our community through the various illnesses and situations that are present in schools.

Families and students may familiarize themselves with the information and expectations here in our Family Handbook.

Key Policies:

  • Student Illness and Absence: If your child is ill or away from school, or will arrive late, please call the school office by 8:30am or email to let us know. Please see the 2023-24 Health & Safety Protocols regarding returning to school after an illness. Please do not send sick children to school.
  • Illness at School - Health Office Pass: Any student who is feeling ill is sent to the front office with a health office pass. If the student appears well enough to resume normal educational activities, they are sent back to the classroom and a copy of the health office pass is sent home with the child that day. If the child is ill, the front office administrator calls family members to come pick up their child. Children will rest in the first aid room while waiting for authorized emergency contact to arrive. In the 2023-24 school year, all return to campus health & safety protocols are followed.
  • Immunizations: All students must meet California code regarding immunizations before attending school.
  • School Psychologist: The school psychologist works closely and in collaboration with the School’s administration and faculty to support student social/emotional and mental health needs. The school psychologist partners with teachers, parent/guardians, and administration to: lead social skills/discussion groups; help teachers, administrators, and parent/guardians with concerns about students; design and communicate interventions to support student social/emotional mental health needs; provide brief social/emotional and behavioral support for individual students as needed; communicate and provide resources/education/training for faculty, staff, and parent/guardians; monitor students in classroom and play settings within the school environment. Read more about this in our Family Handbook (page 10).

Read through our complete health and safety protocols plan.