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The mission of Westerly School of Long Beach is to develop each child’s full potential intellectually, emotionally, morally and physically.

School Philosophy

Westerly School provides a challenging educational program that enables students to achieve academic success. The School is committed to building a strong self-concept, personal independence and social responsibility within a diverse student body. We believe that student involvement in the community and community involvement in the School are fundamental components of a complete education.

We strive to fulfill our goals through:

Academic Excellence

  1. Stimulating a lifelong love of learning and inspiring intellectual curiosity
  2. Ensuring a mastery of basic skills within a rich, varied and challenging program
  3. Encouraging creative and independent thinking
  4. Cultivating an appreciation for the arts
  5. Combining academics with experiential, hands-on learning

Personal and Social Development

  1. Inspiring each student to develop a sense of self-discipline, responsibility, self-esteem and ethics
  2. Encouraging active participation in the School and the community
  3. Fostering respect for others and an appreciation for their similarities, differences and accomplishments


  1. Seeking able, motivated students with a variety of interests and experiences
  2. Achieving and supporting multicultural and socioeconomic diversity

2950 East 29th Street Long Beach, CA 90806
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