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Welcome to Westerly Lower School!

Thank you for visiting our page! For current families: we’re so glad you’re here. For prospective parents: your child is going to love Westerly School!

Our K-5 program provides the foundation of academic, social and emotional success that your child will continue to build upon throughout his or her Westerly experience. Our nurturing environment encourages curiosity, creativity and self-confidence. It’s a place where students get to know and understand themselves and the world around them.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Both challenging and supportive, Westerly’s Lower School curriculum encourages students to discover and develop their own individual strengths from an early age. From visual arts and music to Spanish, technology and competitive athletics, we offer a comprehensive curriculum bursting with opportunities for students to grow and thrive.

What’s more, because of our small class sizes, faculty are able to utilize a variety of approaches to explore and synthesize content with meaning and depth.  This provides opportunities for differentiating learning in the classroom and customization of instruction for individual and small groups of students.

Student Leadership

At Westerly, we believe that every student on our campus – regardless of age – plays an important role in our school community. As such, we seek to strengthen students’ moral and social development from their very first year on campus. Westerly provides a thoughtful program of service opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom that allow students to develop into their roles as purposeful collaborators.

Beginning in Kindergarten, students participate in school events and initiatives such as the school’s Recycling Program. Our Mentor-Mentee program pairs our younger students with an older student to help pass on our school values of respect, responsibility, kindness, adaptability and honesty. (Lower School students actually take on the role of mentor beginning in Grade 5.) And of course, our committed faculty are here to help guide your children as coaches, teachers and trusted mentors throughout their six years at our Lower School.