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Welcome to Middle School!

The Westerly Middle School offers a caring and nurturing environment where students feel safe taking risks and exploring new challenges. With equal parts academic rigor, social and emotional guidance, and independence, the program is designed to instill a strong sense of self-confidence and personal responsibility that students will carry with them their entire lives.

A Real-World Curriculum

Math, science and the humanities remain core to the Middle School curriculum, but our program does not end there. To help students better understand their role in today’s global community, the curriculum also focuses on programs like service learning and digital citizenship, as well as Spanish, art, athletics and music education. All are incorporated meaningfully into the school’s six-period school day.

A Personal Approach

At Westerly, we believe that understanding and appreciating each individual child is paramount to building a unique path toward their own personal success. Our staff members are committed to serving as teachers, mentors, and coaches for our students during their three years of Middle School.The team meets weekly to discuss the successes—and needs—of each student. They create a consistent and nurturing culture where students’ voices are heard, creativity is celebrated, and growth is inevitable.

Beginning in Middle School, students participate in small group advisory periods to ensure that they receive the nurturing guidance they need at what can often be a delicate time in adolescent growth and development. The advisory program is just one more way in which our faculty are committed to preparing students for success in the classroom, as well as their personal lives.

A Bright Future

With a healthy balance of traditional and progressive teaching methods, our Middle School program prepares your children people to be dynamic, independent thinkers who value character and integrity in themselves and others. Our students have gone on to attend a wide range of outstanding high schools.