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The Choice Lunch website has all the details for the unlimited plans, family discounts, and, of course, to order lunch. Please contact their Customer Service if you have any questions. Key information is below.

Ordering Deadline

Orders must be placed by 9am for the next day. Example: Monday @ 9am for Tuesday's lunch
*Late ordering (same day before 6am): entree selections are reduced and there is an additional cost of $1.50

New Options!

Jamba Juice

Available on Wednesdays as an "add-on" to your lunch order.

Unlimited Plans

The Unlimited Subscription Plan is a "9" month flat rate subscription, billable on the 1st of each month from September to May.  The monthly subscription amount will vary based on the plan selected and participation in the family discounts. 

Option 1: Standard (regular size entree’)= $86/ month
Option 2: Standard Plus (Option 1 + Jamba Juice)= $96/month 
Option 3: Premium (Large/ Premium entree’)= $101/ month 
Option 4: Premium Plus (Option 3 + Jamba Juice)= $111/ month 

Family Discount

10% off your 2nd student 
15% off your 3rd student
20% off your 4th student


Choice Lunch is a parent volunteer lunch program. This means that parents are welcomed on campus to distribute lunch to our students.  It only takes one hour and it’s a great way to see your student and support Westerly.  As an added incentive, you’ll receive a free lunch credit for each day you distribute lunch.