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Westerly School develops the whole child through a challenging and stimulating program in an inclusive and diverse community. We ignite within each child a lifelong love of learning by encouraging them to discover their full and unique potential every single day. Our students develop a true sense of self through meaningful opportunities for self-expression, service, and character development. Westerly graduates are leaders, helpers, and creators today and in the future.

Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Westerly School is a diverse community who fosters a sense of belonging by honoring all lived experiences and intersecting identities. We engage in local and global critical examination, respect multiple perspectives, and create a learning environment to challenge bias and advocate for social justice. Through dynamic learning opportunities, we cultivate authentic, lively class discussions and experience deeper learning that builds a lifelong foundation for thinking critically and developing meaningful empathy. We pledge to equip and empower our students to be the leaders, helpers, creators, and change-makers of the future.

Core Values

Responsibility. Adaptability. Respect. Kindness. Honesty

Educational Philosophy

Westerly School develops the whole child through an inquiry-based educational program that balances academic engagement, creative expression, critical thinking, socio-emotional awareness, and physical development.

Westerly School celebrates and understands the differences in viewpoint, culture, and capabilities of each individual child so they may serve as compassionate and global-minded citizens.

Westerly School illuminates the joys of learning through collaborative inquiry, experiential learning, and real world connection-making.

Westerly School cultivates a safe and trusting community in which students are seen and known, allowing them to take academic and emotional risks.

Westerly School engages our young leaders through authentic service opportunities to understand the value of giving back to the community on both a local and global scale.