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Annual Fund bridges the gap between Tuition and the true of a Westerly education

Since Westerly’s beginning in 1992, visionary gifts and philanthropy have played a major role in building our school community. Current families, board members, faculty/staff, grandparents, and friends give because they witness first-hand the positive impact that a Westerly education has on our students. Alumni and past families give because they value the lasting effect Westerly has had on their lives. These contributions uphold Westerly’s tradition of excellence and allow us to continue to grow and enhance our school programs, buildings and curriculum for our current students.

The Annual Fund is your yearly opportunity to make a charitable gift that directly impacts the children at Westerly School! Our goal is for 100 percent of our current families to play a role in supporting our school through our annual giving campaign.


Tuition alone covers only a portion of a Westerly education. The Annual Fund helps make up the difference.

All gifts made to the Annual Fund are used in the current school year, making an immediate impact and benefit for each student.

Since contributions are applied to the operating budget in the year that they are requested, Westerly depends on donors to support the Annual Fund every year.

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Click here for a full list of FAQs about the Westerly School Annual Fund.


Each year, the Annual Fund is championed by a committee of parents who take a leadership role in their class to encourage 100% participation and answer any questions about the Annual Fund. Please reach out to your class chair if you have any questions about the fund!

Annual Fund Chair: Tonya Porter

Kindergarten: Zaynah Moussa

1st Grade: Nima Bhakta

2nd Grade: Joseph Perry-Moore

3rd Grade: Julian Milward

4th Grade: Shawnte Clewis

5th Grade: Brian Grefenstette

6th Grade: David Wright

7th Grade: Glenn Marumoto

8th Grade: Jennifer Engstrom