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  • To prepare Westerly students to be lifelong leaders, creators, and contributors 
  • To demonstrate Westerly’s institutional commitment to inclusivity and diversity as essential to the best educational process 
  • To ensure the Westerly community fosters a safe and supportive school climate that encourages students to be passionate, curious, and take risks 
  • To expose students to learning opportunities through which they establish connections and real world experiences 

Action Steps: 

  • Communicate the role of the Board of Trustees (BOT) to the community 
  • Establish the Westerly Parent Association (WPA) as the principal pathway for parent engagement on campus 
  • Establish processes to better engage Westerly alumni 
  • Attract and enroll mission appropriate students and families 
  • Better engage the internal and external community with Westerly’s mission, practices, and impact 
  • Connect Westerly students to service learning opportunities that involve community outreach and partnerships 

Progress as of June 2022:

  • Established a board-led Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force in Fall of 2020
  • Ratified and have adopted Westerly’s first Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    ○ Will be published on website, in all school materials, signatures on email address, and in every learning space on campus
  • Have begun consistent communications including Wildcat Weekly and solicitation letters/notes to Alumni and Founding Families
  • Planning Community Education Opportunities for internal and external (prospective) families for 2022-23 including: Independent School 101, the Social-Emotional Lives of Children: What to expect and how to support
  • Reviewing & Updating WPA Guidelines to ensure transparency and clear expectations/communications including WPA Board transition, voting processes, and financial obligations
  • Have created Room Parent Handbook to support Room Parents’ productive communications and class leadership