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Each year, the Westerly Parent Association (WPA) names specific Room Parents for each grade and co-curricular programs (music, athletics, arts, etc.) to help keep the greater parent body involved and connected to school activities. Being a Room Parent is a great way to get to know other parents and be involved in all aspects of the school! Throughout the year, Room Parents will:

  • Serve as a liaison for the teacher, the WPA and the parents in their grade level
  • Assist and support the teacher with classroom activities as needed.
  • Attend monthly WPA meeting and relay important information to the rest of the parents in their class
  • Promote and support school events
  • Coordinate Auction picture and Auction class donation
2019 - 2020 Room Parents

Kindergarten     Millie Bermudez & Kiran Randhawa
1st grade            Corrie Haberman, Mark Mina & Christine Walker Bowman
2nd grade          Ramona Guillen & Vicki Johnson
3rd grade           Ana Jimenez & Marlene Valdez
4th grade           Candice Culen
5th grade           Stephanie Everson & Sino Donato
6th grade           Candice Culen
7th grade           Jacquie Ferneau & Keisha Holland
8th grade           Nicole Nguyen